A guide to making your very own terrarium at home

Terrarium Singapore

Gardening is a hobby for many and makes for a fun interactive activity as well. But with a busy lifestyle, many people get the time or have the space to carry out gardening activities. Most housing areas these days don’t have a lot of open space where people can plant different plants. Not to forget, plants need to be maintained in order to keep them healthy. For people who don’t have time to do all this, a terrarium is a great way to have their own mini garden. Terrariums are a good way of adding some greenery to your home. Terrariums don’t need a lot of space and can fit into any corner of your home or on tables and shelves. It is very easy to maintain and makes a great piece of home decor.  Here’s proper guidance about the Terrarium Singapore and how to make them.

Introduction to a terrarium:

A terrarium is a small garden made in a container typically made of glass, having soil and small plants. A terrarium can either be sealed or open. A sealed terrarium retains water for longer needs to be opened once in a while. A terrarium has an opening to make the plants kept inside accessible. Inside a terrarium is an ecosystem that is self-sustaining.

Terrarium Singapore

Material required to make a terrarium:

  • A glass container. (Jars, fishbowl, hanging terrarium, etc.)
  • Potting mix and pebbles for the base.
  • Plants of your liking, preferably ones that are easy to maintain.

Where to get a terrarium?

There are places that sell pre-made terrariums and supplies for making one yourself. You can take a terrarium workshop and be taught how to build one by pros in gardening. Alternatively, you can watch YouTube tutorials and read blog posts that will help you build a terrarium.

Steps involved in building a terrarium in a terrarium workshop:

  • Choose a container: A terrarium is generally built in a container that has a wide opening so that it’s easy to access the plants and water them regularly. You can pick a container based on the size and shape you want.
  • Make the base: The base inside a terrarium is made by layering pebbles and the soil or readymade potting mix for the plants to grow in. Put down a layer of pebbles first and then put the potting mix on top. You should make the base at least 2 inches thick. You can stack the pebbles and soil on top of each other to create a visual effect.
  • Pick your plants: Choose plants that are easy to maintain, fuss-free, and can grow properly in an indoor environment. Succulents, mosses, and ferns are some of the common terrarium plants you can find. To start planting, remove the plant from its pot and remove any excess soil stuck to its roots. Dig tiny holes in the soil you laid down and plant it in the holes.

Decorate it: Once you have done the basics, you can decorate your terrarium in any way you want. You can create your mini world inside a terrarium.