Art jamming studio the place of exposing our art talent

Art Jamming

Once Pablo Picasso that, everything you can imagine is real. Art allowing us to bring our creative imagination to life and has been known to improve positive feelings and aid with stress-free and mind relaxation. It gives a perfect place for us to express our creativity and can be used as another form of interaction. There is no surprise that there is a rise in the popularity of Art Jamming . Team building, bachelor parties, or a relaxing individual session are the other activities in studios, and there is always an occasion for Art Jamming. If we are looking to arrange and host a party for a birthday or other, there is also a list of Top 15 Party Venues in Singapore for us to consider.

It is a common error that we think art jamming is a high-cost activity, however, it is most affordable price than what we think. If the price of the course is an issue, don’t worry, we have a list of fifteen art jamming studios, with the cost of the price starting from only $19 Pax. This is the best place to expose our artistic creativity to the world. The main reason behind considering an art studio is there is no cleaning-up activity needed after completing the painting session. The famous art studios around Singapore are given below.

Art Jamming

Activities in art studios:

Artsy Bugsy is a popular art studio in Halcyon city in Singapore. Apart from encouraging in development of a child’s creativity, we have to know that art has also been known to help in a child’s social and emotional development. Artsy Bugsy art studio is providing art classes for kids between ages 3-12 years old. Their classes are classified into 4 different age groups to assure that the learning materials are provided appropriately. They are currently providing trial classes at the within-budget price of $55 for 2 sessions. Artsy Bugsy art studio also provides parent & child art craft workshops, for a fun family bonding experience by the love of art. The Drawing Mint is another art studio in Singapore, and they provide art sessions for adults. The major focus of The Drawing Mint is to provide drawing and painting workshops for kids aged 4 years and above.

Their one on one session of art allows personalized guidance for every individual child, to nurture their potential and completed their specialized creativity. The Drawing Mint is providing a 1 hours and 30 mins trial class for kids aged 4 to 8 years old at only $30. Visual Arts Centre in Singapore conducts Chinese ink painting sessions for children between 6 to 11 years old, priced at $480 for 12 classes. Ink, water, and a brush are the 3 main materials required to make Chinese ink painting art. By this workshop, the children can learn brush stroke techniques easily for calligraphy and ink painting. Most importantly, the virtual art center class aims to inspire the younger generation to understand and knowing well this traditional Chinese paint art form with a rich Chinese history of over 2000 years, and preserving the culture for future generations.