Choosing the Smart Steps in Writing Choices


Make sure to leverage the benefits of content management tools, it’s the most effective way to ensure a steady flow of information from the listed persons or blogs, shares. personally, Feedly and Found Live and Twitter work best for me. we use found Twitter may follow dimensions (such as the Master’s power) and use Feedly The pain of my son, so that we may live log of the readings, and a part of them will not give.

Perhaps it is using other tools


In case you wonder how many people you follow, or blogs (the Internet, which sounds kind of filtration day is great) – but do not limit any list would scarcely have more than thirty years. We suggest you and your list as soon as six months for review and clean (trust me, no matter how old they are active, and they just go with some blogs while at rest). The use of homeworkmarket is essential in this case.

Create an interesting catalog of titles

Now, once you have that list of people to follow or blogs, and you are reading it on a regular basis; some time to do homework.

To jot down the titles of articles that have high social scores (for example, 200 or 100 Retweets on Facebook or the like) in an Excel spreadsheet is a simple known. These are the ones, who intone the theme of the titles, it may be well with your target audience. We will create our own and the content ideas for a later stage.

We use Evernote, and Evernote Web Clipper Chrome Extension to live clip online and read whatever we use a simple, Google Video titles like writing/pain, and we want to work on ideas. Space to live, my work, as we Chrome, synchronizing with the text of the content, and we am me, how to read the clipping and the structures of one among the trees of my desktop, laptop, and Tablet. If you have to test is recommended.

Pick a filter Popular Titles

Steve Jobs had famously said:

This led the late Steve Jobs in designing and building the Macintosh valuable companion film. It’s a principle we can use when it comes to online content writing is too large. With a list of popular titles collecting energy to you, you do it now, “spirit Catalog”. Scan through your list weekly reading and writing as a subject for at least one week. Select as the theme of particular importance since the very act of, or an expert. In writing, by means of which the author of the idea of ​​the whole is not a steal. Instead, it will be good titles to further enhance our experiences or/and different point of view.

  • Do you have a personal experience preferred location?
  • Do you agree or disagree with the most original author’s opinion?
  • Original articles are made or to enhance many examples, can you?
  • Do you have suggestions for more resources, tools and other authors?

If the answers to the questions are for the most part over the yeses, then the chances are high that have some good ideas of what to write next.