Do something which is help to nature and ourself

Art Jamming

It’s was introduced by the Philippines. And it will spread to all the country. Small children are like to play with that so that they can increase their knowledge of something about nature. Art is not just a word; it’s was like all over around others and us so that we can create new things with them at all. It’s beneficial all the time. They can make their children so intelligent while growing up with an Art Jamming . So, it will help them if there can see anything strange or dirty; he/she can change with the help of their art mind. It will be such a natural formation of all the things.

People and Children are always like and love nature if someone gets something wrong on that we can change their mind with the help of some art craftwork. We don’t want to talk, make them think, and it will give a lot of idea to all the workers. And it can be considered by a government maybe.

Craft in eating type

Art Jamming

After we eat some food, we can get that paper to dumping, or we can make it as recycling paper. We can clean and use that, not to eat, but we can do some art craft with that paper. Like we can paint and attached in some part of a home, so in the night time, or a dark place. It will be so different while we have seen it in the dark. Some people can create different thinking like that can draw something on a wall, it’s will be 3d drawings, it’s like a real image while we see some of the distance in that. If someone draws, a man was watching you; it’s like reality to you—someone watching you there. If you go and see that thing, it will be a drawing.

After we drink some water bottles or a glass bottle, some people can throw that, but some of them kept it for the next use. We can make it also an art craft uses. Like we can fill the glass bottles with some flowers, or plastic flowers.

Small play

In school time while children are playing, a school can contact an art competition for a small child, they can participate and make a lot of gift present by staff. We can take a sheet of paper, and make our hands full of paint, and keep our writing on the sheet; the sheet can be our hand symbols. We can keep it as old memories. Parents like to keep this thing. We can form a photo farm in this work.


When people and children are in free time, they can do some work as artworks. It will give them a simple mind open process while someone does some art craftworks. And children are happy while there are doing happy playing time in the artwork. I just love that. Some people can introduce a new system and models of artwork like some drawings, wall drawings, etc. When we do some job, we want to be love and attached to that. This enjoyment will never be replaced with anything. We can do that with your friends.