Find the Best and the Perfect Energy Saving

Energy Plans

Energy will become much more expensive in the coming years. The economical use of energy is therefore very important. Financially, it is also interesting to use energy economically. Conserving energy can save you a lot of money every year. We have listed some tips for energy saving for you. With the best Energy Plans you can find the best choices now.

Energy-saving tips:

  • Do not use too large pans when cooking if you don’t need to.
  • Place weather-stripping on door and window frames.
  • When cooking, put the lids on the pans so that you lose less heat and that in turn saves energy.
  • Collect rainwater to spray the garden with it.
  • Also, teach children to use energy sparingly.
  • Gain insight into your energy consumption with an energy meter

Energy-saving tips for electronic devices

The standby mode is a secret energy consumer. Stop it so you can save. Refrigerators and freezers run 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Sometimes it is enough to replace the old device, but there are more tips.

New for old: replacement pays off

If you replace an old refrigerator or freezer over 10 years old, you can save almost half the energy. Just make sure that the new purchase is in the highest energy-efficient class.

Keep your distance to save costs

Do not place a refrigerator and stove or stove or oven directly next to each other, but as far apart as possible. Because: The lower the temperature of the environment, the lower the energy consumption of the refrigerator

Clean saves

Clean the ventilation openings of the refrigerator and freezer regularly. This way, the residual heat can be better dissipated without reducing the cooling effect a good energy-saving measure.

Calculated ice cold

Make sure to put food in the freezer or refrigerator. The appliances often use unnecessary energy to cool hot food. What is the optimal temperature? Exactly 7 ° C. Already in 3 ° C cooler brings nothing but a 30% energy consumption saving.

Everything tight

See if there is a good deal on your refrigerator. A door seal must be dry and there must be no cracks in the rubber. Everything else costs an unnecessary amount of energy. Savings only with the refrigerator: 9 dollars per year.

Defrost the freezer: good for the wallet

Energy Plans

An over 1 cm thick layer of ice in the freezer increases energy consumption. Regular defrosting helps to reduce energy consumption. There are about 7 dollars in energy savings per year.

Bye-bye, standby saves money

Hi-fi systems, TV & Co are real energy scrap heads in standby mode. You can save up to 50% of the energy compared to full power-on if you don’t put multimedia devices on standby. A switchable master or slave socket gives the possibility to switch off all multimedia at once. For example, you can use a standby killer for this.

Little flow through sleep function

Faxes and answering machines that cannot be turned off completely, or they won’t even be bugged. The solution: put faxes in the sleep function outside office hours instead of in the standby bye, they will use less energy.

The name says it all: energy-saving function

Modern computers have a special power-saving function that only works with hardware that is required for the operation. If your computer has this function, it can reduce your computer’s energy consumption by up to 49%. Read the manual, the energy-saving function is usually not activated automatically.