Finer Choices for the Perfection in Web Design

squarespace website design

Testimonials from happy customers are really welcome. This will reaffirm the quality of your work and prove you are reliable, and best of all, this information will come from those who have tested and seen the quality of your work. So ask your past customers to give you this little help. It is worth having a link in the statement for the work cited, to prove legitimacy. In  squarespace website design you can expect the best choices now.

squarespace website design

Prove you’re not a robot

You are a real person, so prove it by talking a little about yourself. It humanizes you and connects you with the customer before they even get in touch. Be friendly, friendly and show some of your personality. Talk about what you really like, your influences, and what drives you to be creative and like what you do. I’m sure it will be a plus in your favor.

Tell the story behind the project

In addition to having beautiful images and well-made mockups in each work shown, it is also important to explain how you came up with this result. Explain why you created this or that, what made you reach a certain outcome, your line of thought or creation. Most are not interested in the projects, but how creative and skillful you are. Focus on showing the path that led you to the end result.

The theme of the time is about employability in the graphic area, which is necessary to get a job or rather a good job in the area. Many of my students ask me about it, some of them have a hard time getting a job in the area, so here are some tips on who was once unemployed asking for a job and who was once a major company contractor. I hope you have a good read and in the end, these tips will help all of you looking for a job as a Designer.

How to become employable in Graphic Design?

What makes a Designer and the main areas of expertise? Design is the art of designing concepts and ideas to create communication visually being in a physical or virtual product. In other words, you take the ideas and concepts that the customer establishes or seeks and turn it into a visual way to convey the desired message. Since you can work in various areas of Design, know some of them:

Corporate Identity (Branding) – This is the Designer who specializes in developing Brands Logo or Logo you choose as you want to call it. He should have excellent knowledge of vector software, semiotics, color and shape psychology. Hand drawing skills can help a lot with this professional. The most commonly used software is Corel or Illustrator

Packaging– Packaging Design is a very interesting area of ​​work, it is a part of Product Design. The Designer is responsible for the packaging itself, its three-dimensionality, its entire conception as a product. The Graphic Designer in this area has the function of developing the graphic part obeying the knife created by the Product Designer. Understanding the flexographic printing process is important. The most commonly used software is Corel or Illustrator and Photoshop, as well as more specific software such as ArtPro.