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You are entrepreneurial and have a love of a job well done. You are thinking very seriously about starting your ownشركة نظافة في الرياض cleaning business and you can be proud of it. It is a promising sector and the opportunities are numerous, provided, of course, to take care of your action plan to launch your project. Discover in this article tips and the main steps to take to set up your cleaning company for businesses and or individuals.

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Carry out market research on cleaning

Whatever the nature of the project in which you wish to embark, it is essential to start by carrying out a market study. The three objectives of the cleaning company market study:

  • A market study with three objectives. First, it’s about ensuring that there is indeed a business opportunity in the area where you plan to set up.
  • In a second step, this market study must identify your commercial positioning: it must be promising and allow you to differentiate yourself from the competition.
  • Finally, this work on the study of your market should allow you to collect the information essential to estimate the turnover potential of your future cleaning company.

The three steps to carry out the market study of a cleaning company:

  • To carry out market research for your cleaning company, you will need to proceed in stages. Start by analyzing industry trends. This should allow you to determine if it is growing and to identify major trends.
  • In the cleaning sector, of course, distinguish the needs of private companies that occupy offices, manufacturers, traders, public establishments and, of course, individuals.
  • Then, you will have to study the expectations of your future customers. Depending on the customer segment you will target.

This good knowledge of the needs of your customers will allow you to define an estimate of the average budget that they are likely to allocate to their need for maintenance and cleaning of their premises, and criteria that come into account when choosing a service provider.

Finally, you will need to do a detailed study of the competition. In addition to a list of your direct competitors, you will need to consider the services they offer, their prices and the number of employees. You should also try to perceive whether their activity is flourishing or not, in order to draw inspiration from their successes and avoid their pitfalls.

The cleaning market: some key facts

It appears that the cleaning market is expanding: according to experts, the sector has seen its overall turnover greatly increased over the past ten years, reaching, in 2016, more than 13 billion dollars. In total, the sector counted more than 47,000 companies mainly VSEs and SMEs and employed almost 500,000 people. In terms of activity distribution, it should be noted that almost 40% of the turnover of companies in the sector came from office maintenance, followed by that of buildings (19%), industry (11%) and shops (9%). Note that the private sector represents 81% of the market, against 19% for the public.

On the trend side, there is a diversification of business activities, with, for example, the preparation of meeting rooms for the reception of customers for example. Of course, like the rest of society, cleaning companies are confronted with new challenges and must demonstrate greater social responsibility, by supplying products and implementing eco-responsible practices.