How to Use Debit Cards in Prepaid Options

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Every year, the number of debit cards issued is only growing. Many bank customers are holders of several types of plastic at once. In simple terms, a debit card can be called a wallet, only electronic. You can store personal funds in it and be sure that nothing will happen to them. It’s time to learn more about what a debit card means. With the onevanilla check balance you can now expect the best options and that also within the perfect maintenance fee.

Debit card, what kind of fruit is it?

But it’s better to start with a definition. So debit card? This is a payment card of a particular bank, which is tied to the account of its holder. It is used by the owner to make purchases, pay for various services, and receive cash at ATMs, transfer funds to cardholders of other banks. The main function of debit plastic is money on it, this money can be spent and can be withdrawn at any time. They are equated to contribution and are protected by DIA. Unlike a credit card, where there is no money, they belong to the bank and you can take them on credit only personal money is on the debit.

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What does a debit card mean?

Debit card what is it? The owner of a debit card can only manage the amount that does not exceed the balance in the account. The main difference between debit plastic and credit card or overdraft is the absence of a credit line.

However, debit card holders can go negative. The most common reason for the formation of debt is to write off a commission for Internet banking or SMS banking, as well as annual service. Often, such situations arise due to currency conversion.

Another common example of debt formation is to cash out funds at an ATM of another bank. The client pays a commission according to the fees of the acquiring bank. If the account does not have enough funds to pay the commission, then the operation is still carried out and there is a minus corresponding to the amount of the unpaid commission.

Which card to order?

Of course, almost any bank now issues debit cards. However, these are mainly cards without interest on the balance. And you have to go to the office to get a card. Experts recommend that you receive a Tink-off debit card. She has 2 advantages, you get cash back just by shopping, and she has interest on the remaining debt.

For example, Visa Electron and Maestro types can sometimes not be used to pay for purchases via the Internet, it all depends on the bank, unlike their more “status” counterparts: Visa Classic or MasterCard Standart. Accordingly, the cost of production and annual maintenance of the former will be much cheaper. If you intend to use a debit card abroad, it is better to issue a Visa Classic or MasterCard Standard. These are universal types of plastic that are accepted all over the world.