Immigration Solicitors and How You Will Know About Them

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As a rule, solicitors are narrowly specialized, are qualified in any one area of ​​law: in civil, criminal or commercial. When selecting an immigration solicitors london , it is advisable to be interested in the reviews of his former clients, but not on the basis of laudatory articles in the newspaper.

  • Never trust those solicitors who, without understanding, begin to draw conclusions and give guarantees. This is a fraud. Professionals always justify conclusions cautiously and do not give empty promises. Find out a question regarding his work experience. It is preferable that the experience of his solicitor activity is at least 2 years.
  • The criterion for quality work is also the number of cases won. It is bad if losses dominate. It is also important to take into account the complexity of cases in which they managed to defend their clients. Inexperienced people can cope with ordinary easy tasks.

The best solicitor will not vouch for a positive decision. Laws are changeable. Judicial practice today does not ensure success even in simple cases. In addition, it happens that only in the trial new facts are revealed, the nuances of the circumstances of the case are not in favor of the trustee. Often, solicitors in the past may be employees of government agencies with extensive experience in the police, with excellent knowledge of investigative matters. But with all this, the opposite also happens, sometimes such solicitors give evidence to the investigation.

Such must be avoided

The solicitor must explain the methods of defense, devote to the course of affairs. The solicitor must build tactics of action. Without this, hoping for a result is futile. The price of the service should be in the contract. Not correct if a certain final amount is not indicated, if advance payment is required; There is no need to deal with a mediator who informally encourages to solve the problem by giving bribes to the judges. This is not a guarantee that he will not take them for himself. It is also a violation of the ethics of the solicitor, he may report to the authorities, as this is a crime.

How to determine the status of a solicitor

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All solicitors are listed under a specific assigned number on the list of the bar. All registries are available on the Internet. If the name of the solicitor is not in them, then his activity should cause suspicions, fears, distrust. All Russian solicitors conduct their own work. It is along with notaries, like various businessmen. There are no state solicitors now. A solicitor must be ranked either as a college of solicitors or a bureau or he has a cabinet, a bank account is opened.

About 75% of all solicitors account for collegiums, over 20% in their offices, in the bureau 2.6%, in the legal consultation 0.2%. If he shows only the certificate and assures that he works independently without an office, this situation is most likely a fraud. It is necessary to inquire about the working hours of a solicitor’s legal institution.