Installation of a video surveillance system


To fulfil all functions, there are currently two main types of surveillance cameras: analogue video surveillance and IP video surveillance. Without going into a comparison of surveillance cameras, here are the main features that distinguish them from each other. Make a visit to ราคากล้องวงจรปิดfor more.

Analog video surveillance

This is the most traditional video surveillance system and also the most used today. The surveillance system usually consists of a large number of cameras connected by cables. The installation is simple and economical again, generally, but the cameras are more expensive to buy.

IP CCTV for Internet Protocol

This is the new offer in a remote surveillance camera, the offering which is experiencing very strong growth. Ip surveillance cameras are usually small installations with a limited number of cameras. There are also up wifi surveillance cameras but also in surveillance cameras connected by cables. In all cases, they are connected to a computer network: intranet, internet, VPN.

Which camera to choose?

While there are two main types of CCTV technology that can be combined with each other, there is a greater number of different cameras.

The camera box


This is the most classic type of camera, that is to say, the most widespread. These are outdoor and indoor cameras that offer a large number of adaptations: zoom, angle of view, the case itself waterproof, heat resistant, etc.

The infrared camera

Night camera par excellence, a good infrared camera must also offer a good image quality during the day. Before choosing, you must pay attention to the night range of the camera.

Mini dome and motorized dome

This kind of camera is rather discreet and can film a large space or 360 ° in some cases. They have the advantage of not informing about the area that is filmed.

Other types of CCTV cameras

There are still some types of surveillance camera: wireless surveillance spy camera that goes completely unnoticed, dummy camera for protection at lower costs, webcam, and wireless camera.

How to install his surveillance camera system?

The last question to which you will also find all the detailed answers in our complete file: do I install myself or call a professional installer? What budget to install a remote monitoring system? Is it worth a wireless video surveillance pack? What maintenance for my video surveillance camera outside? What software for my IP camera?

As you can see, before installing a CCTV system at home or in your company there are many questions to ask or ask a professional. The latter will have the advantage of answering you with an estimate, but as for the moment, you especially need relevant information and answers.

Install a camera, what does the law say?

Until now, any surveillance camera installation had to be reported to the Commission for the Protection of Privacy. The amended camera law no longer provides for a declaration to this Commission. If you install a camera, it will have to be registered with the police and introduced via a new e-box. This obligation is valid only for outdoor cameras, not for indoor cameras.