Looking for a replacement Apple watch band? Here’s something exciting for you

apple watch band 38mm

Apple, the name is synonymous with “expensive”, and if you are the kind of person who only prefers original Apple accessories for your iPhone or Apple watch, those are equally pricey. While Apple has various ways to control the whole business around its product, we, the lesser mortals, always find some ways to sneak out from Apple’s control. Same goes for Apple watch. While Apple tried to break the bank of its loyal customers who always want nothing but original accessories, we brought some alternatives made by third-party manufacturers for you. These look equally cool or even better than original straps, yet are ridiculously cheaper!

So, what this means for you? This simply means that you can have a fancy leather band for you made by a third-party manufacturer, instead of buying an original best apple watch bands 2019  and it will turn more heads for just a fraction of price of that original band. Sounds cool, huh? Moreover, these alternative third-party made bands are so cheap and switching one strap to another on your Apple watch is so easy, that you’d love to have a collection of various watch bands in your closet without selling your kidneys – so that, you know, you can wear them according to your mood and occasion!

best apple watch bands

Do you own a new series 4 version of Apple watch?

Then here’s a piece of great news for you! These new series 4 version of Apple watches are backwardly compatible with the 38mm and 42mm bands which you see on the previous models. But you have to make sure to buy the 38mm band if you got the 40mm model of series 4, or in case you have the 44mm model – then you can buy the 44mm band with closed eyes, those will fit just perfectly!

So, all these bands mentioned below should fit with the new series 4 apple watches. Of course, provided you buy the right size according to your model. And I’m sure you’d like to customize your Apple watches with some exciting new faces, along with your newly purchased band. And we can suggest you some very different-looking, yet cool faces that you’d love to flaunt – just keep an eye to this section so that you can get our upcoming update on Apple to watch faces.

Let’s have a look at our most recommended replacement Apple watch band, only for you –

Silicone Replacement AppleWatch Bands 

Probably you got an original black Apple band and now you’re bored with that and need to add some color to your Apple watch? Or perhaps Apple store geniuses were unable to recommend you an original strap which could match that flawless finish of your Apple watch. What if I tell you we got something that can make your wish come true, and that too for much less than what Apple charges? Look no further, just follow the link above to some replacement Silicone straps.

These watch straps are made of Silicone, a soft and lightweight material which is very flexible in nature and at the same time, it’s water and sweat proof too. And Silicone is a material very rarely people are allergic to, therefore you can wear it without worrying about any skin-irritation or rash. Users reported that the color you get actually, is identifying what you see on their website (can be slightly different based on your display) and quality-wise these are hard to defeat, in the same price range.