Surgical Masks And Its Uses

Surgical masks are face masks that prevent infection from spreading from one person to another. These are the most common types of masks popular among people. They can be easily worn and disposed of.

Surgical masks are much better in comparison to cloth masks. Cloth masks are generally less than half as effective as surgical masks. Surgical masks protect you from large particle droplets. You can purchase black surgical masks from .

Should you really wear a surgical mask

If you have even the slightest doubt that you may have an infection then you should definitely wear a surgical mask. This will prevent you from spreading it to other people. This could be really helpful in the prevention of spreading viruses such as coronavirus which spread very easily.

What are the uses of surgical masks

Surgical masks are specially designed to prevent the spreading of germs and infection from the mouth and nose of an infected person to another healthy person. These masks have been helpful during the outbreak of coronavirus.

Earlier masks were made of cloth which wasn’t very effective when it came to filtering the viruses. But nowadays masks are made of non woven fabric which is great for bacteria filtration. Surgical masks have multiple layers of non woven fabric. Since the non-woven fabric is cheap they can be disposed of easily. These masks are best for filtering bacterias above 1 micron.

Surgical masks act as a barrier that prevents bacterias from being passed to another healthy person. They are mostly loose-fitting and easily disposable. These are not just to prevent someone who is not infected but for someone who is infected too. As, if the mask is worn by someone who is infected then the mask will prevent him from spreading it to other people. It will be more effective in this way.

Surgical masks are available in a variety of protection levels. Which includes minimal protection to protect against very small droplets. You can choose which surgical mask you want to depend on the situation and the purpose you want it for. If you are going to face heavy exposure to aerosol or fluids then you should probably go with a level 3 mask which has a fluid resistance of 160 mmHg. If you are going to use the face mask for a very short duration or for something that doesn’t involve aerosol or fluids then you could use the minimum protection mask. There are two other varieties of surgical masks which are level 1 and level 2 masks. They have a fluid resistance of 80 mmHg and 120 mmHg respectively.

How to wear the surgical mask

Without proper training, most people would wear a surgical mask incorrectly. The masks have a metal strip at the top. You are supposed to press it across your nose to make sure that they fit properly to your face. Also, make sure to wash your hands before and after wearing a mask. The surgical masks either come with ear loops or ties. If you have earloop masks then you could just put the loops around your ears while in the case of ties you could tie them behind your head.