The Best of Tree Removal Options for you Now

tree removal

It’s a real pleasure to be the owner of a summer cottage, but so that nothing prevents you from enjoying your stay in the fresh air, you need to warn problems in time. Today we propose to consider the removal of trees since this topic is of interest to many owners of private property. If you do not deal with an old stump or a tree in time, it will bring at least discomfort. Today we will tell you what tools you can use to remove trees and how to perform the operation with the least risk. Here are the effective tree removal tips you need.

How to remove the stump

tree removal

First of all, let’s see why it may be necessary to delete trees? Firstly, if we are talking about an old stump of a tree felled long ago, then it simply takes up space. On this plot, one could place a table, build an arbor or plant something useful and tasty. Secondly, very often trees are planted too close to the house, they grow and begin to destroy the foundation with their roots, scratch the exterior trim with branches, etc. Thirdly, if a hurricane wind happens, large branches can break off and smash the roof or damage a parked car nearby. The riot of nature is fine, but on your own site, it is better to create all the conditions for a safe and comfortable life. That is why the pruning and removal of trees are integral to any host.

There are a lot of ways to combat excess green plantings or old stumps, but all gardeners and professional gardeners agree on one thing the easiest way is to manually remove trees. At first glance, it seems that the task is very simple to cut branches, trunk, and dig up the root. However, in fact, there are many nuances, and if you do not know about them in advance, you can damage the chainsaw and unsuccessfully tinker with uprooting for more than one day.

Let’s start with simple instructions for removing sawn trees, which left a dry trunk and stump. To work, you will need the following tools:

  • Shovel with a sharpened tip for better cutting of the roots;
  • Shovel easier for planting a tree;
  • Ax;
  • Hand saw or chainsaw;
  • Rope;
  • Thick work gloves.

If you can get a hand winch with a rope, this will greatly facilitate your work.

The sequence of works:

Dig a tree or stump in a circle on all sides at a distance of 50-100 cm from the trunk, the thicker the trunk, the greater the radius, because such a tree has a stronger root system. If you do not fall too thick roots, chop them with a sharp shovel or cut with a hacksaw. If the root is very thick and does not give way, dig it deep and chop off small branches to release it.

The closer to the tree trunk you chop off the roots, the easier it will be to lay down the tree itself. To do this, you still need the help of at least one person who takes up the trunk with his hands (the higher, the better) and slowly but surely will begin to tilt it.

In the process of tilting, you must trim the roots that prevent movement, until the trunk collapses. Needless to say in advance to discuss where to tilt the trunk, so that he does not hurt anyone.