The Best You Can Get for Furniture Removal Now

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If you are doing a hairstyle for the first time, find the photo on the Internet in advance with the desired haircut, styling or coloring. The date of your move is approaching and you wonder how to transport your furniture? Will the furniture enter the elevator? Will they go through the stairs? Is the dismantling of the furniture essential? We will give you an answer to all these questions. A visit to شركة نقل عفش بالرياض makes things perfect now.

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Disassembly or reassembly included in our formulas

All of the packages offered apart from the Eco plus package by professionals include dismantling and reassembling your furniture. The same team will then take care of this task at your home and arrival home. The dismantling of the furniture is carried out only in certain situations:

  • Very heavy furniture and too bulky: living room, two-body sideboard, large library, 3-door wardrobe, dining room table, etc.
  • Passage impossible or very difficult via the stairs, the elevator, the doors or the windows,
  • Storage optimization constraints in the moving truck: furniture with an atypical geometric profile,
  • Fragile furniture: mirror, glass doors and shelves, etc.

Otherwise, your furniture will not be dismantled by our team. A professional team will be able to focus on other tasks requiring more attention. The commercial proposal will be more interesting. In addition, the fixings of your furniture do not appreciate a repeated solicitation your furniture may no longer offer the same stability over time.

Removal of glazed or mirrored parts

If your living room or library has glass shelves or glass doors or mirrors, our movers will only disassemble these elements, remove the drawers, lock the doors and transport the wooden furniture. If you have a two-body buffet, the team will disassociate the upper part of the lower part. Transport will only be facilitated. Before the arrival of our team, we invite you to completely empty your furniture of your personal belongings like crockery, clothes, books, various objects in order to facilitate its transport. A low buffet is generally transported without disassembly, unlike the 2-body buffet

Selection of furniture to dismount by ABD

During the technical visit, our manager will make a note of the furniture to dismantle and draw up a commercial proposal adjusted to your move. The price of a move is never fixed in advance, it depends on several criteria: volume in m3, packing of the fragile or all your goods, dismantling or reassembly of the furniture as well as conditions of access to departure and at the arrival. However, professionals can make removals anywhere.

Special cases

Furniture made up mainly of melamine wood, is not designed to be used many times. Specifically, the structure takes the game just like the screws and other points of attachment. The same is true of furniture that is too old, made to measure or too technical, movers avoid disassembly in anticipation of incorrect reassembly or miscellaneous anomalies. The melamine wood furniture does not like to be disassembled and manipulated several times

Protection of your furniture during transport

For practical reasons, our team will protect your furniture with specific covers only once onboard the truck. The presence of a blanket on your furniture will hide the favorable porting for our team and increases the risk of falling if one of your furniture manages to slip from the hands of our movers. Afterward, your furniture will be strapped inside our trucks in order to maintain it and also avoid any risk of collisions or tipping.