The Choices You need to have with archery tag

archery tag

Look intently at the center of the target and start raising the arc until the aim is just above the center of the target. The rope arm should be making 45 degrees with the horizontal. In this step the body is erect and the head in the firing position. Raise the bow to the height of the target and lightly start pulling the string. This first strain will definitely position the bow in your hand. Keep your shoulders relaxed and low. Keep the elbow of the arm that will pull the rope high with archery tag .

archery tag


Now start pulling the rope gently, firmly and steadily while pulling, the rope arm and the bow arm are lowered so that when anchoring (next step) the bow is positioned with the crosshairs in the center of the target.

The pull is done with the muscles of the back, moving the shoulder blade. From the pre-pull, you continue without a break to the final pull of the bow in a continuous, slow but constant movement. The position of the shoulders and head should not change. The entire body is hardened as if frozen. A constant and equal force between pulling the string and pushing the bow will keep the bow steady.


Place the top part of the index finger of the rope hand against the jawbones firmly, trying to identify this sensation so that you can repeat this position accurately. At this point, the muscles are executing the maximum force, and if the movement was accurate and the head is in the correct position, the rope must be touching the chin and the tip of the archer’s nose. It is important to remember that if the archer has to move his head to find a comfortable position, it means that he is not yet with the movements that make up the shot well defined.

The rope hand should be relaxed and flat.

Anchoring is when the hand that pulls the rope is positioned under the chin. It is important that the index finger rests firmly on the chin, and the string rests in the middle of the nose. The relationship between all these details is important, especially when aiming. This posture also allows for a constant pull. It is important to always pull the same distance to avoid the arrow, sometimes going up or down in the shot.

Archery Techniques

Align the string with the center of the bow or the face of the window, and with the aiming pin. At this point, the aim will be over the center of the target, not exactly in the center or even static, but circling around it. This is one of the most important parts of the shot because the subconscious is going to do all the alignment and center the aim on the target.

The athlete at this point must be stripped of any thoughts and at the same time completely involved in the shot, in such a way that he, for a small fraction of time, cannot define who the bow is, who the arrow is, who is the target and etc.

The main point is the ability to concentrate on the objective to be achieved. Holding and aiming means maintaining the aim throughout the pre-pull and pull on the target. in the final stage the aim is hit with the arm and the rope is aligned either in the bow window or inside the aim. In the drawing above, the rope was adjusted next to the crosshair, keeping the crosshair on the target.