The Finer Choices for the Best Boots Now

shoe booties

Time and fashion go forward, and now it has become possible to wear colorful socks with sandals, and knee-high socks with a short skirt. But be careful. Remember to match style, place and age. When it comes to the shoe booties then you can come up with the best choices now. To whom:

  • Shoes with a strap and blunt noses, massive wedges, bright patent shoes, sneakers for a skirt, tight-fitting shafts, boots to the thigh and rough boots only for young people.
  • High unstable hairpin, narrow shafts, stretch, thin straps only for owners of thin legs.
  • Cross straps or shaped lines, high boots to the knee or above, shoes with a shallow neckline, sharp color contrast of shoes and tights only for long-legged ones.
  • Narrow sharp noses, a heel with a glass, longitudinal lines, shoes without a heel for a small leg. Material Natural materials like leather have high hygienic properties, good absorbency.

They are environmentally friendly in nature. Shoes made of artificial materials can be much brighter, more beautiful and cheaper. Many youth collections are now being made from it. The sole may be leather, which is usually made for classic or so-called office shoes. The models of such shoes are usually very beautiful. They are manufactured for indoor use.

shoe booties

Leather soles have good elasticity, but not strong enough to walk on asphalt, especially in wet weather. If you decide to use such shoes for everyday wear, then go to the workshop and do preventive maintenance on the sole, this will increase the durability of your purchase. The sole can be made of artificial polymers used for the manufacture of soles, for example, elastomer, thermoplastic elastomer (TEP), transparent or porous rubber, etc.  These materials have high reliability, strength, elasticity and durability. They will allow you to use the purchased goods without any problems.

Material quality

There should be no wrinkles, cracks, or spots on the outside. The inner side should also be without folds and tears on the lining or insole, as well as without protruding mechanical fasteners. To check the quality of the natural fur lining, grab a piece of fur with your fingers and gently pull it. Fur hairs should not remain on the fingers. Modern faux fur lining for winter shoes is not inferior to natural in thermal conductivity.


It is advisable to buy shoes after 12 noon or in the afternoon. The legs have the ability to expand slightly during the day. It is advisable to stand while trying on rather than sit. Most people have different left and right foot sizes, so try on shoes with both feet. If the size of the shoes and your foot do not match, a number of problems can arise: the shape of the product changes, seams diverge, the skin bursts, etc. It is better to purchase shoes of the required completeness, not counting on the fact that the shoes are spread. In shoes of small size and less fullness, the fingers rest on the toe, the mobility of the joints is limited. But you should not buy shoes that are too spacious, especially in the backdrop. Moving in such shoes will be difficult. Check the stability of the heel. it should not fall off, even if it is a thin hairpin.