The Finest Laser Tag Solutions for You Now

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Before you launch to shoot your rivals, try the gun. It may be that the laser shot is not as successful as you imagined. It is best to try to align your gaze with the angle of the laser gun. For the laser tag singapore price you can have the best choices now.

If they shoot you, run to hide

If they shoot you, don’t stay still. There are a few seconds between firing and your pistol and vest are activated again, so you must be quick and move to a safe place from which to control the arena.

Laser tag

laser tag singapore price

Laser paintball is a high-tech form of recreation, coupled with unforgettable, vibrant, battles. Compared to other shooters, laser paintball is one of the safest. During the shootings, ammunition that can injure the player is not used here are the battles take place with the help of laser weapons. Each participant receives a laser rifle capable of shooting infrared rays similar rays are used by a television remote control to switch channels.

On the heads of the players are specialized sensors that signal a hit. If the participant was killed, the weapon is turned off, and he goes to a specially designated area. Scenarios of laser tag games can be very different: capture a flag, destroy terrorists, save hostages and even confront zombies. In order to take part in any of the events listed above, it is enough to visit the laser tag club “Barracks”.

Laser Tag Features

The laser tag has a significant number of advantages. The advantages of this discipline include:

Ability to fine-tune weapons. Arms can cause different damage, it is possible to set the number of rounds in a magazine, as well as activate the “friendly fire” mode.

No additional protective equipment is needed. Laser battles are completely painless, participants will not have to purchase bulky, expensive equipment.

Lightweight equipment: Take part in the game can men, women and children.

Minimum financial costs: Players do not have to buy balls, as well as other ammunition. In laser tag, unlike paintball, the amount of ammunition is unlimited.

The ability to conduct battles in any weather: The equipment works great both in the summer heat and in the crackling winter frosts.

Significant firing range: Unlike other shooters, shootings can be fired at a distance of 150-300 meters.

You must be prepared for Adrenaline rush and lots of positive emotions.

The course and principle of laser tag games

The basic principle of laser tag games is to defeat the opposing team. Among the main points of the game it is worth highlighting:

  • When hit an audible as well as a vibration signal is heard on the fighter’s headband.
  • The radius of the sensors is 360 degrees.
  • The number of hits required to “kill” a player may vary. It all depends on the features of the script, as well as the agreements between the participants.
  • In the case of a “fatal” hit, the fighter switches off the machine, and he leaves the game.
  • After the “death”, the participant can be “cured” at the base or must wait until the round is over.

What is a laser tag for children?

Many parents wonder what a laser tag for children, photos, as well as videos of such competitions are, where can I watch? Everything is quite simple, photo laser tag games with the participation of children’s teams can always be found on our website. Impressive expositions are presented here, allowing parents to get an exhaustive picture of the everyday life of little fighters.