The history of Tik Tokin the market of social media

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Tik Tok has been considered to be the most famous and most available social media network for video sharing. Through this social networking application where the users can take their talents to get out in social media. That is the users of the media network can create short dance videos and then the lip-sync videos through this video creation application. The videos of the Tik Tok can be generated from 3 seconds to 60 seconds with the video looping. And the lip-sync videos can be created from 3 seconds to 15 seconds of video. Then one can get tiktok likes by make use of the popular hashtags for uploading the videos that are the use might make use of the most popular hashtags to get more likes on Tik Tok.

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Familiarity over the user of Tik Tok:

There in the Tik Tok application one can post any of the videos that could be shared over the internet. That is the user may upload the hacks from everyday life and cooking videos, dance videos, singing videos, or any of the lip-sync videos on the Tik Tok application. There the application has more popularity over the various parts of the world and also in the United States, and Canada. The application named Tik Tok has been first released in the name and then only the application has been renamed as Tik Tokin the social media networking sites. Byte Dance was the person who created Tik Tok and then the application has been released in the year 2016. Then the application Tik Tok has become popular and then considered to be the most downloaded application in the year 2018 in the United States.

The evolution of the application:

In China, the application named Douyin has been launched in the year September 2016, by Byte Dance. Zhang Yiming has been considered to be the founder of Byte Dance; he has stated that among the users of internet china has been considered to be the home of internet use. Because globally, one-fifth of the internet users have been belonging to china. They have considered that global usage is a must why because if the application is not being expanded over the global market then the Chinese internet market will lose the peer country. The applications Douyin has been developed within the use of only two hundred days. But the application gained a hundred million users within the year by the views over millions of views in everyday surroundings. In the year September 2017, the application Tik Tok has been launched in the market over various nationalities. The application Tik Tok has been considered to be the number one application in the year 23 January 2018. Because in the app stores, the application Tik Tok has been considered to be the most downloaded free application. In the United States, the Tik Tok has been considered to be the most downloaded application which has been downloaded over 80 million times. And then worldwide, the applications have been reached with two billion downloads according to the research. Only through the use of the Tik Tok application, many of the celebrities had been getting familiar. That is the celebrities nowadays have started their appearance through the use of Tik Tok to bring out their talents.