The Right Details for the Silicon ASIC Miner that you would Know

fusion silicon x2

There are sites on which it is proposed to first purchase non-existent devices, with prices at the level of top Bitcoin models. While there are no real tests and reviews of miners, it can be fraudulent schemes in the wake of a cryptocurrency rush with hummer miner mars h1.

Do-it-yourself ASIC assembly

Mining through ASIC is expensive for beginners and a logical desire arises to save and make your own ASIC. Moreover, the Kulibin traditions are strong in the post-Soviet space, and each has assembled and disassembled his own computer at least once.

Actually, from the point of view of the purchase of components, there are no problems. In Chinese online stores, you can find everything you need at a reasonable price.

But in self-assembly there are pitfalls:

Defective or incompatible components: Often, chips that did not pass the factory tests on the Internet site and it is good when nothing works after the assembly. Worse, when due to a latent defect, the calculation goes wrong and the mining on the ASIC goes on externally, and the earnings as they were at zero, it remains so.

The remaining components are funded on a residual basis. Frequent savings on power supplies and fans, installing “office” options that are not designed for round the clockwork. The result is a failure of the entire device in a maximum of 2-3 weeks.

fusion silicon x2

ASIC Miner is first of all software for calculating hashes and only then cables, fans, and chips. Licensed firmware is not available, you have to be content only with what is available on the Internet, and as in the case of problem chips, there is no guarantee that the calculation is correct.

Sometimes it is necessary to assemble the device yourself due to customs restrictions. Thus, in the Russian Federation, ASIC devices belong to encryption tools and, when assembled, are prohibited for importation. Manufacturers of ASIC for mining are usually aware of such problems and send the order in a disassembled form with detailed assembly instructions.

Recommendations for miners

Here are 2 important recommendations that should be considered when working with ASIC devices:

ASIC cryptocurrency equipment consumes more power than video cards and miners need to look for inexpensive connection options. It should be noted that food should not only be cheap but also quality. First of all, it concerns industrial buildings, where voltage drops are common. Replacing a video card or power supply unit on a conventional farm is not a problem, and repairing even a guaranteed ASIC requires sending it to the seller or manufacturer.

Before you start mining on ASIC, take care of creating an external cooling system, especially for several devices. In addition to the increase in speed, we obtain increased heat generation plus noise. See solutions for personal data centers in which the enclosures are equipped with everything necessary.

The main characteristics of ASICs

Ashiki have these basic characteristics:

  • Performance or hash rate. The greater this characteristic, the higher the profitability of the ASIC;
  • Power usage. Different models of ASIC, it can be very different. When choosing, the buyer usually looks at how many hashes will be calculated per unit of energy;
  • Noise, heat, and size. If the farm is planned to be placed at home, then you need to look at the noise and size of the calculator. But whatever quiet and small calculator, it is not advised to use ASIC at home.

Not all ASICs are created for Bitcoin mining. Some are meant for Lightcoin (Scrypt algorithm), Dash (X11) and other types of crypts.