Truest Deals for the Perfect Dubai Permanent Residency

dubai permanent residency

Another great area to stay in Dubai is the beach, especially near Marina Beach and Palm Jumeirah. For those who will stay more days in the city and like to relax on the beach, this, for sure, is the right place to stay. For having calm and warm waters close to 30º C coming from the Persian Gulf, the local beaches are great to be visited at all times of the year. With the dubai permanent residency you can find the best deal.

dubai permanent residency

In this area, there is also a wide variety of restaurants, shopping centers, bars and accommodation options, where there are some of the most luxurious hotels and resorts in the city. In addition to the beaches, along the coast, there are some other interesting attractions, such as a water park, a theater, incredible buildings and the famous artificial islands. The only problem of staying in this beautiful region is the fact that it is far from the center and several important tourist spots. However, as there is also a lot of public transport there and taxis are not so expensive, getting around is not difficult.

Staying at Deira

For those looking for a more affordable place or close to the airport 5-10 minutes to stay in Dubai, the Deira region is a good choice. This is the old part of the city, so it ends up being a simpler area. Located on the north side of the Creek River, the place is quite busy but more for the people who live in Dubai, and not for tourists. There you will find some interesting attractions, such as gold markets, spices and fresh food, and some of Dubai’s oldest buildings. In addition, because the region is still an important commercial center, there are a lot of restaurants, shops, malls, and public transportation and accommodation options, ranging from simpler places to 5-star hotels which, despite being luxurious, have lower prices compared to the regions we mentioned earlier.

Where to stay in Dubai anyway?

In our opinion, the best region to stay in Dubai is the downtown area. Although the hotels are more expensive, many of the city’s main tourist attractions are concentrated there. In addition, in this pleasant area, there are an enormous amount of shopping and entertainment options day and night.

Tips for finding great hotels in these regions of Dubai at great prices and on sale

With a few simple tips, you can book a great hotel, in these regions and neighborhoods better located, for excellent prices and sometimes even super deals. The first tip is to book the hotel as far in advance as possible, as this greatly influences the price of accommodation. Even more in those regions that lead the list of where to stay in Dubai, the demand is very high and as time goes by the best hotels and at the best price are running out and everything is getting more expensive.

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