Virtual Travel with Some Interesting Challenges and Cryptic Clues

Amazing Race

There are different forms of traveling and now an amazing virtual journey has been added to all the other forms. Traveling to some distant lands will require proper planning and so it isn’t easy to make arrangements in very little time. But the technological development has introduced a new alternative option for distant travels. The Online Virtual Amazing Race has been developed and it has got huge fame among the people. The travel has been made very simple but virtually interesting. Thus this virtual travel has turned an Amazing Race for the people.

The virtual travel helps people to travel to some exotic places in a great HD quality virtually. The arrangements for this travel will be made by the making teams. This making teams will schedule the event properly and collect the email address of all the participants. Once the mail address is collected the making teams will send the mail invitation to all the participants who are registered for the virtual travel. This mail will consist of some details on the plans of the virtual travel and some more guidelines which have to be followed by the participants of the travel.

The whole time duration of the travel period will be just 3 to 4 hours. Virtual travel will help people to travel any nook and corner of the world within just a few hours. This travel will be just through online meetings. This online meeting will be scheduled with programs such as Google Earth or Zoom meetings. These programs are selected for virtual travel because these programs can be easily accessible by all the people around the world. There will be no problems in downloading and installing these programs.

Amazing Race

The travel to some secret location in the world will not be boring, it involves many interesting challenges in the form of puzzles. These challenges will be not so easy, all the participants should act quicker and solve the challenges given by the host. A host is a person who travels along with the participants in the virtual meeting itself. He will lead the whole travel and give timely instructions to all the participants. The participants of the meeting will be divided equally by the making teams. Each and every team will be given the challenges and they have to act with great cooperation and complete the challenges.

Challenges and Cryptic Clues:

The challenges can be anything which is normally related to some cultural challenges. These cultural challenges will be depending on the land the travelers are visiting. This virtual travel will be more fascinating and so one can highly enjoy this meeting. The host will also give some cryptic clues which will be more thrilling to find out which will give some clues on the next location to which they are traveling. The people can perform more quickly than the other teams to finish the game within the allotted time. The host will decide the winner of the game as per the time duration in which the teams have completed the challenge. Thus, the winning team will be declared as the winner of the virtual race.