What Kind of Metal Signs You need Now

metal signs

A beautifully designed, well-made and correctly placed advertising sign attracts the views of potential customers or customers and leaves a positive impression. And this is her main task. But in a big city, the bright colors around distract people’s attention and attracting attention to advertising is not always an easy task. The use of metal signs is there.

What is a sign

There are 2 sign definitions: one adopted by the legislator, the second by advertisers. According to the Law ‘On Advertising’, a sign is an element of facade design containing information about the advertiser. To install such a sign does not require permission from the district or city administration. However, this type of signage has a number of very uncomfortable restrictions stipulated by law.

In the advertising business, a sign is an advertising medium located in the vicinity of the advertised object. A sign should draw attention to this particular object. Such outdoor advertising signs can be located above the entrance, on the facade, on the roof, but, as a rule, it is on the building in which the advertised institution is located. To place such a sign with arbitrary information will require the permission of regulatory authorities. However, it is the original sign that catches the eye more than the established sample.

metal signs

Types of signage

All signs are divided mainly into light and non-light. To light include:

  • lightboxes
  • light panels
  • volumetric letters
  • Neon and LED signs, etc.

Non-luminous include:

  • panels
  • flat letters
  • plates
  • banners, etc.

Non-illuminated signs are today less expensive types of advertising. But their effectiveness decreases with the onset of the dark time. This problem can be solved by installing external lighting spotlights.

Light signs work efficiently. There can be a lot of lighting options:

  • internal illumination of the box
  • internal illumination of individual elements
  • kontrazhur
  • external: lighting by external searchlights
  • external illumination: illumination of element circuits with LED strips.

To achieve the desired effect, combined lighting by various methods is also possible.

How is an advertising sign created

Drafting of the technical task: in order for the advertiser’s goals to be as clear as possible to the manufacturers, it is necessary to correctly design the technical task for the designer. It is possible that for this you will need to go to the place of installation of the advertising structure, make accurate measurements and photos.

Designing is an obligatory stage: Production begins with the development of a technical scheme and design. Sketches, drawings are created with a detailed description, explanations, specifications.

Approval – the design layout must be agreed with the customer by the advertiser. Then in some cases it is necessary to coordinate the sign with the city authorities.

At the manufacturing stage, an advertising sign is produced on the basis of an agreed project.

Installation: the final stage of work with the structure. The installation has many nuances depending on the location of the structure, the material of its manufacture, method of attachment. It is not difficult to find a company where you can order the production of advertising signs, you can enter the desired request into any search engine.