What You Need To Know When Choosing an Engagement Ring

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Before proposing, most men imagine what they will do: a romantic setting, a simple question, and a positive answer. But many of them have no idea how to choose the right engagement ring, which for them is just a stunning piece of jewelry that will show their chosen love and that they are determined to take the blue from the sky. As soon as they run into a shopping marathon, they find that they have to decide on so many things that it scares a bit. Knowing what to look for will certainly make it easier to explore all the goldsmiths around you, so read on. This is a part for Moriah Collection Israeli jewelry here.

Giving and receiving an engagement ring can be seen as a time-tested process that begins a new and exciting stage in the couple’s life. Engagement is a potentially sensitive period due to a great many expectations and rituals that surround this important milestone. Understand the meaning of this tradition and understand the history and symbolism of these exceptional circles. Then it is easier to choose the right one. Given the many opportunities that jewelers and goldsmiths offer, it is important to consider a number of factors related to label and family habits.

Moriah Collection Israeli jewelry

Choosing Alone or With a Future Bride?

You are ready to ask a big question and start searching for the ring on your own. But suddenly you will find that there are types, styles, implants, stones, metals and shapes that you are helpless and completely lost because you no longer know what your chosen one might like? Try to answer some basic questions, or ask her mother, sister or best friend for help. You can also take a woman to spend the rest of your life on a quest for jewelry.


Stop for a moment, sit still, put the paper in front of you and think about the following:

  • What does she prefer to wear?
  • What should her dream house look like?
  • What type of jewelry does she prefer to wear now?
  • What colors are most common in her wardrobe?
  • How to comb and paint?
  • What does she prefer to do in her free time?

The answers will help you better cope with the choice of the ring because you will be able to match your love to one of the six basic types of women: step in front of the altar with a romantic princess, combine your life with an elegant minimalist be tempted forever by the glamor femme fatale or do you love an extravagant woman with all her excesses and originality?

With the bride

When you go to buy a ring with your future wife, you lose her element of surprise. However, you will create irreplaceable common memories and you will be sure that you will hit the ring with the ring. You will also have enough space to discuss the theme of the wedding rings, as they should match the engagement ring. You can also dazzle with a thoughtful romantic application for the hand, where the chosen ring together will only be the icing on the cake of an unforgettable experience.