WordPress tricks that you must learn!

WordPress tips

WordPress is a well-known site-building CMS platform in the world. Most of the websites are hosted on WordPress. Recently, the surge and number of people coming towards WordPress for site-building have increased. This increase is due to its ease and flexibility. WordPress also offers a wide range of free themes and plugins. This makes anyone build their own website with some WordPress tips without being a full-time developer.

WordPress tips

However, it is important to learn and implement some important WordPress tips and hacks to improve and optimize your website for more and more traffic. It is important to be unique in this pool of WordPress website builders. To be unique means to stand out of the crowd. When you stand out you get recognized and your website also gets recognized. That is why it is always important to learn new WordPress tips and hacks to stand out and win among the WordPress site builders.

These are a few WordPress tips that you can use to optimize and customize your website for better quality and traffic

  1. SEO Plugin

If you are running a business and you have a website pertaining to your business. Then it is extremely important to have a website that is particularly optimized for Search engine optimization (SEO).  That is why it is mandatory to have an SEO plugin. It is important to have an SEO plugin not only an SEO friendly theme.

  1. Insert Alt text and title tags

Alt and title tags are very useful when coming to pictures. It is obvious that we know the importance of pictures. Images usually make your site look more friendly and professional. Readers always prefer images and visual representations over texts.

In case, your image is not visible on your website, Alt text will give the reader a description of the image while title tag is used for pure SEO friendly purpose. Basically, your ALt text and title tag should provide information about your picture.

  1. Edit the Permalinks

Permalinks are the links that are automatically generated whenever you publish a new post. Permalinks include the address of your post and site. Sometimes, these automatically-generated permalinks are just messy with an unreadable format. This messy permalink is not SEO friendly. To make your link SEO friendly you have to format it into an easily readable format.

This permalink should also have a piece of crisp information on your post. This will make the user understand what the post is without even reading it.

  1. Install a Child Theme

Adding a child theme is like adding another layer of security and protection to your website. Because, when you make changes to your themes instead of your child themes the changes you make or the customization you make will always be overridden. This will cause the old format to be lost if the back up is not taken. The easiest way to install a child theme is by installing a WordPress child theme plugin. Most of these plugins are free in WordPress.