How to start manufacturing paper bags and make money on it: a step-by-step guide

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Experts pass from theory to practice. They bring to your attention a step-by-step expert guide that will help you start a business without errors and in the shortest possible time. You can consult Shopper personalizzate for this.

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Draw up a business plan

A well-thought-out plan and a well-developed strategy largely determine the future of the enterprise. It is necessary to take into account risks, formulate goals, calculate the size of investments or borrowed funds, determine the equipment and suppliers of raw materials, and plan the number of employees.

As a basis, it is quite acceptable to take a ready-made business plan with calculations. To find such a document is easy on the network at specialized sites. True, this will be only basic data that needs to be adapted to your needs and capabilities.

Looking for a room under the workshop

In size, you should focus on the dimensions of the equipment. However, a workshop with an area of 100-120 sq. will be optimal. If you plan to use a lifting and moving mechanism, then consider the height of the room from 3.5 m.

Necessary communications:

  • Power supply (380 volts)
  • Water supply for domestic needs and washing containers for glue
  • Sewage system
  • Ventilation

The most important selection criterion is in compliance with fire safety standards.

Buy raw materials and necessary equipment

The budget option is to purchase a set of equipment. Each piece of equipment will perform a separate operation in semi-automatic mode. This will help minimize startup investment but will increase staff and setup costs.

The basic set consists of machines:

  • For forming blanks and sizing paper layers
  • For fixing the bottom
  • For gluing side seams

The bottom of the package is stitched or glued. For each type, either a separate apparatus or a mixed type machine is purchased. Practice shows that with an increase in production, you will also need a punching machine, an offset printer if you plan to put a logo on the bags, a press for packaging finished products and a mixer for glue.

Corporate paper bags with full-color printing look more attractive than plastic ones. They are one of the most effective carriers of unobtrusive advertising. Such commodity packaging meets all the requirements of aesthetics, attracts the attention of consumers with brightness and a different combination of colors, and has high performance. In recent years, every company striving to attract new customers has been ordering these products developed according to an individual design project. This approach indicates a high level of service in the organization and a carefully thought out, positive image of the enterprise.

What are branded paper bags?

The massive use of polyethylene products has led to a global environmental problem. The decomposition time of even the thinnest polyethylene is at least 10 years. It will take 100 years to destroy a more durable thermoplastic polymer product.

Today, the mountains of polyethylene rise in landfills. More than 80% of the world’s oceans are littered with plastic garbage. During the industrial processing and disposal of polymer waste, a large number of dioxins or products of the burning of polyethylene are emitted into the atmosphere. This poison poisons living organisms, deepening the ecological catastrophe.