Is Gun Culture among Youngsters a Good culture??

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Today we can see the posters like Beretta Shotguns For Sale . According to Hayes defines culture is a social, stable, hierarchical cognitive and normative system model, these systems were once material and ideal and embedding in behaviours that spread in interaction with others, internalized in individuals, and embodied in systems.  The normative system is embodied in guns, as an artefact and carrier of this culture. It includes social interactions caused or changed by the existence of guns, as well as interactions between individuals, groups, and institutions. The mutual influence of gun ownership and use.

The gun culture was coined by Mr Hofstadter. He considered it to be holistic and described it as a uniquely American belief. “A company that defends democracy.”. When Hofstadter published his article, the National Rifle Association was also Not the political lobby. Considering the diversity of beliefs, behaviours, norms, and systems, many researchers with this definition are narrow and single The method follows a similar definition of gun culture.

What is the reason beyond increasing Gun culture among children especially among American Youngsters?

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By asking interviewees if they do not have guns, whether their family members or friends will reduce their perceptions of them, and whether their social life with family members or friends is related to guns, to make operational contact with gun culture. Supporter of the second supplementary article on understanding the ideology of “American gun culture”. Lemieux describes gun culture by measuring the income of all movies celebrating gun use.  Assigning gun culture to the southern United States only requires that all states in the region have a unique gun culture, and no state outside the South will participate.  The thought in children’s and youngsters’ minds and these thoughts assign it to the directional or direct weapon culture. The use of a single measure of gun-related behaviour to characterize gun culture does not take into account the observed differences in gun-related attitudes and behaviours.

Reasons beyond Gun Shots

Attempts have been made to decompose gun culture into several elements; multiple studies have distinguished between self-defence and rest groups. There are two major reasons for the gun culture they are entertainment or serious leisure activities. Researchers had pointed out that the entertainment, stress, sports, dislikes, and gun collection mode subcultures are in the major decline, while self-defence subcultures are more emerging today.

Step to stop Gun Culture

Actions and plans to identify and treat all patients with mental illness should be a national priority. Current access to mental health services in the United States deserves urgent attention; unfortunately, such visits are not enough. It must be a serious problem and also it is to be noted that behavioural-based action and threat analysis and detection are nowadays becoming the perfect standard for preventing violence in preschools, boarding schools and buses, colleges, universities, and workplaces or working environment, as well as against public and other private officials. The threat assessment team on the spot collects and analyzes information to assess whether an individual poses a threat of violence, abusive calls, or threatening messages on social media or self-harm and takes necessary measures to intervene when necessary.