Quick TIPS Boost YOUR LASER tag game

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Laser tag is fun for anyone who is involved. But wouldn’t you accept that when you can achieve the game’s best score successfully, it is even more fun?

laser tag singapore

Tip 1: Nice wear. First, make sure you secure your laser tag vest properly before you begin playing. If you need assistance, just ask a Marshal from Amp Up Laser Tag to help you blend in.

Tip 2: Using Safe Cover. Peek around corners while the wall still covers your gleaming vest. Stay low while moving around the arena. Take your opponents out and clear the area before you walk around the corner and get yourself exposed.

Tip 3: Get Points for Winners. It does sound basic. The more points you score, the better your final ranking and your game. It is where the technique comes into play to get those points. At Amp Up you gain 2,000 points three times in a row tagging your opponent’s base. As these are the most points you can earn in a single effort, during your laser tag singapore session you certainly want to set your sights on catching the basis. You can’t get tagged out midway through when you’re trying to capture the base.

Tip 4: Exercises. Know from the arena. You can get to know the best hiding places, the best ways to pick up your enemies, and the most vulnerable areas where you might be tagged with the plenty of practice in a particular laser tag arena. A second lookout story is great for picking up opponents, but you’ll have to make your way to ground level to capture the basis. We notice that most new players are heading straight to the second level for the bridge, so you can instantly reverse this trend and head for the opponent’s foundation, while everyone else is still finding their place at the start of a new game.

Your team will break off into pairs before the round starts. Players can switch in buddy teams to protect each other during movement and build a 360-degree defense while you’re still in movement. You can travel faster and safer when you cover one another’s movements.

Make sure everybody knows how to use their arms and who’s on the team-stop friendly fire! You can define the strengths and weaknesses of the players here.

Laser tag games are mostly played with teams consisting of random players who all happen to be able to play at the same time. Teams will be made up of players with age, experience and level of skill. That all forms part of the fun. Exercising leadership and rallying the teammates before the start of the session.

Make rain to it.

But the easiest way to do this is to use the buddy scheme, where someone can protect your back and take out other players before tagging. It is also important to be keenly aware of where your opponents are, first tag them and know the sequence when they are going to reactivate. Get in first with them. Remember these tips while playing the laser tag game.