Some of the Indoor and Outdoor Activities of Team Building

Team Bonding Singapore

Team building is an essential need in a company to perform tasks regularly. There are many activities to build the team with proper understanding. The team members must be very cooperative in their tasks and help each other in terms of some emergency times. One should not be shining individually in a team, the success should be attained as a whole team. There are numerous indoor and outdoor activities available in which the team members can learn the skill of team building. The activities can be easily performed during the leisure hours of the company. Create a fantastic Team Bonding Singapore through these simple activities and enhance your skill as a team worker.

In this article, we will have a look at certain indoor activities which will be very helpful in developing team-building skills. The Campfire stories is an activity in which the team members gather together in a single place and write some words on the whiteboard. Then they start sharing their memories which are related to the words. This will be a great memory lane in which the team members can share their work experience in a better way to other people. This will help the listeners to know some details on the speaker and thus it creates some understanding of a specific person. This will help the team members to get an overview of each and every individual of the team.

Team Bonding Singapore

The next activity is the truth and Lies. This is another indoor activity in which the team members will share their truths and lies. In this activity, each person will say four statements about themselves. Among the four statements, three statements will be the truth and the remaining one will be a lie. The statement of the lie should be correctly guessed by the other team members. This activity will help people to have a better understanding of the team members. The activity makes the people interesting as all the team members actively participate in the game along with the speaker. So, the team members will get the chance to know more about every individual.

Being a Team Lead:

The outdoor physical activity which will be very useful for all the team members is a body of Words. This activity helps people to feel relax and also to develop a new skill in a funny process. The participants of the game must be divided into many groups consisting of nearly 5 to 8 players. Each and every team must write down some words which consist of the same starting letters. The words formed must contain the number of letters which is one lesser than the number of participants in the group. The words must be acted by the leader of the team only with the body. The other groups must find out the words correctly. The group which finds out the correct word in a minimal time will be the winner of the game. Thus, this game will enhance the leading capacity of the person and the cooperation among the team members.