Steps to Successfully Getting a Home Loan

ดอกเบี้ย สินเชื่อ รถยนต์

The housing loan can be settled within ten days. But it takes longer to collect the necessary documents. When arranging, ask for the installment amount and other mortgage fees. They go to thousands. To set up an account, arrange insurance, but most importantly to go through many different meetings, all that awaits you when you settle a mortgage or ดอกเบี้ย สินเชื่อ รถยนต์ .

Calculate whether he lends you and how much

Before you start looking for housing, find out if and how much the bank will lend you. Different repayment periods, interest fixing, including installment payments, can also be modeled.

Compare the individual offers on the market

Most banks, building societies and brokerage companies have a calculator on their site, according to which you can prepare an approximate calculation of how much the mortgage will come. The advantage of a broker is that he offers bids to multiple banks, is able to handle most of the administration, free of charge. It often offers lower interest rates than the bank.

Remember to ask for extra charges

ดอกเบี้ย สินเชื่อ รถยนต์

Do not just rely on knowing the interest rate and the amount of the repayment, but also ask for fees. Some banks do not want anything to settle a mortgage others require up to 0.8 percent of the loan. Also count on a monthly fee for a credit account in the amount of 150 or 200, for most banks you must also have a current account.

Also ask about penalties for early repayment of the loan. At the bank, you may be able to make some charges or even forgive them. You will have to insure the property that you guarantee for the loan, and in some cases you will have to insure yourself. However, you only need to set up risk insurance, do not let you impose more expensive investment.

Write down the loan application

If you obtain all necessary documents, you can write a mortgage application. In it you specify how many years you want to repay, how long the period of fixation of the mortgage interest rate and other conditions. Who uses the services of a broker, fills the application with him. The broker then submits the mortgage application and documents to the bank and monitors the approval of the mortgage.

What documents do you need to handle a mortgage

Revenue and expenditure proof, employees go to the payroll office and have their receipts confirmed by a bank form where they will take out a mortgage.

Account statements in three months where the payout goes. The bank can check that the amount you have on your employer’s confirmation is on the bill. Entrepreneurs must submit tax returns for the last year or two to the mortgage application. A copy of all credit lease or insurance contracts is needed.

Purchased Property Documents like Acquisition title to property from seller, purchase Agreement or Future Purchase Agreement, extract from the property sheet and image from the cadastral map. You will need the original stamped by the Land Registry. You can also get the statement at national point.