The Best choices for the Jaipur Trip Now Jaipur

What is Amber Fort in Jaipur? An exotic and different setting for most Westerners, except for soap fans, who have probably seen this place before: Jaipur was also one of the main locations of the Indian Way soap opera and Amber forte was the icing on the cake (or would it be the paneer massala?). You can visit this fort now and have the best time there. For reaching here you can take a taxi from Delhi and head for Jaipur. For taking the taxi you can make a visit to Jaipur and come up with the best options for the taxi booking.

It was there that Bahuan and Maya met. Right in the first chapter Bahuan arrives, with suitcase and everything, at the door of the Fort, where the Elephant Festival took place. I’m not very novelty, but from the scene it seems that Bahuan kinda lives there, which would make him a maharaja, not a dalit, but let’s accept the poetic license of the novel.

But if you don’t like soap opera, no problem

After all there are many reasons to like Amber Fort. It is impossible not to be impressed by the grandeur of the building, built in 1592. We spent almost a whole day there.

Got enough time? Then enjoy other tourist attractions such as Nahargarh Fort, which can be seen from anywhere in the city center and has one of the best views in Jaipur, or Jal Mahal, an island palace set in the middle of a lake.

How to get

Jaipur is 5 hours by train from New Delhi and the fare varies according to the class chosen by the traveler. The sleeper (the cheapest) costs about 170 rupees (R $ 6). Learn how to travel by train through India here.

It is also possible to get there by bus (around 6 hours of travel and 400 rupees, or R $ 14 less in your pocket) and in less than an hour by plane.

Where to stay

Most hotels and restaurants are on MI Road. Choose one in this region. To help you with this task, be sure to read the text with accommodation tips in Jaipur.

How many days

One night and two full days is enough to see all the important points of the city. Two nights and three days allow a less rush visit. More than that is overkill – Jaipur is great to visit but not very pleasant to spend more time with.

Where to go

The traditional route continues through Udaipur, known as the city of lakes. That was our choice: We embarked on a 10-hour trip to another major tourist city of Rajasthan.

We are not talking about the wonderful chain of world-renowned hotels, but about a well-known local restaurant that serves good vegetarian food. Your guide can take you to dinner there and we can say it was the best Naan (bread type) so far in India. The spinach rice was also tasty. Jaipur

The Peacock

A restaurant is high up at The Pearl Hotel, with great ambience and wonderful food. It was the only place in India that I ate red meat. I did not take photos in either of the two restaurants because it was my moment to relax).

Massage at Kerala Ayurveda

After so much walking, it is good to give the body a treat. Kerala massages are popular in the city. It’s kind of weird having to be completely naked, but the full oil massage. Value: 700 rupees (approximately R $ 27,00)