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There is no universal recipe for how to clean the vaporizer due to the differences in the design of individual models, cleaning in each case is slightly different. Some vaporizers require a minimum amount of cleaning, while others require it almost after each use. Usually, however, it should be sufficient to clean thoroughly every few to a dozen sessions. The vapor liquid uk comes with a lot of supports there.

Process of Cleaning

The most important elements that should be cleaned are the chamber, the path that steam travels and the mouthpiece. For cleaning, it is good to equip yourself with isopropyl alcohol preferably 99% purity available in-store, cotton buds and paper towels.

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All glass and steel elements can be soaked in isopropyl alcohol without fear after such a procedure it is enough to rinse them thoroughly with a stream of warm water and most of the dirt should disappear. In no case, however, you can clean wooden components with isopropyl alcohol, because it is a fairly strong solvent that will cause irreparable damage.

Wooden elements can only be cleaned with a cotton swab or cotton bud soaked in warm water. It is important to thoroughly dry all wooden elements cleaned in this way. In the case of plastics, such as plastic or acrylic, the use of isopropyl alcohol should not usually cause any negative effects, but for safety, it is best to limit the contact of such elements with solvent to a minimum.

Silicone components, such as inhalation hoses of stationary vaporizers, may deform under the influence of contact with the solvent, but after rinsing with water and thorough drying, they should return to their original shape. However, if you do not want to risk it is better to use organic LaPil type cleaner for this type of part also available in store.

Never pour isopropyl alcohol directly into the heating chamber even if it seems tight you can irreparably damage your vaporizer. To clean the chamber, it is best to use a cotton swab or cotton bud soaked in alcohol and drained of excess liquid using a paper towel the only swab should be gently soaked in it. When the alcohol evaporates after cleaning, it is necessary to turn on the device with an empty chamber, which will get rid of solvent residues.

The vaporizer pumping balloons is a special case when it comes to cleaning the balloons cannot be cleaned, so when they are too dirty to use the walls stick together, you will simply need to replace the balloon with a new one.

Tips on how to clean the vaporizer are most often found in the vaporizer manual. You can also ask our experts for advice on cleaning a specific model. A lot of valuable knowledge is also on YouTube.

Battery charging and storage

Now that you know how to clean a vaporizer and that you should treat it gently, it’s worth mentioning the battery. Most modern batteries can be recharged at any time or left in the charger overnight, without fear of overcharging.

It is worth knowing that if you store your vaporizer for some time without using it, it is best that the battery is not discharged. Storing a discharged battery for a long time e.g. several weeks may shorten its lifetime. Therefore, if for some reason you do not plan to use your vaporizer in the near future, make sure that its battery is fully charged.